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Dickenherr - we construct your personal horsetruck!

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You are thinking about the purchase of a truck for your horses? You know how it should look like?

The answers to all questions around the transportation of horses are right here!

Dickenherr offers you simple trucks or a complete design for your new horse truck. We are here for you to fullfill your dreams and to give you the best advices for your personal situation. We have years of experience in the production of special vehicles and in handling of sporthorses.

Get a practicable horseshow-trailer for your daily use or trucks up to a fully equipped luxusliner with our AERO design. We have got the right offer for your budget. You plan to lend a hand on your new horse truck. So we offer you perfect van trucks, partially finished plus all necessary equipment to construct your own horsetruck.

We are able to offer you completely new designed and engineered 3-horse-trailers with a cabine, also mobile cases and a lot of other useful accessories for your sport. Put our performance to the test and check our website.

Maybe we meet on some shows or at our location in the South of Germany. Your Dickenherr Trucks Team - the specialists for horsetrucks

Tel +49 7966 802916
Fax +49 7966 802918 oder +49 7174 7001
Klaus Dickenherr +49 171 270 97 26
Gerhard Strobel +49 160 610 61 31
Myriam Dickenherr +49 171 656 92 59

Auch Helen Langehanenberg setzt auf unsere Qualität und transportiert ihre Pferde mit einem Gespann aus unserem Haus!

We're offering 2 horse trailers made by Humbaur

We're offering all products from Humbaur.