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Horsetruck with 3 places, tackbox and living: 5.300 kg are possible!!!

The new Renault Trucks 2 m, 7.5-tonne D cab and the MB Fuso Canter are the perfect base vehicles because of the lowest kerb weight in their class. With its approximately 4.5 tonnes of carrying capacity, it gives us a lot of latitude for bodywork installations and payload. In addition, the cab is still spacious and very well equipped.

The multifunction steering wheel offers comfort almost like a car, bluetooth hands-free system, power windows and heated mirrors are standard. The D2 is available with manual or automatic transmission.

The "lightweight truck" has a special design with an aluminum space frame and specially insulated roof and side panels with GRP outer layer and a highly stable plastic honeycomb-floor assembly. In the exclusive residential area you find a spacious bright Topsleeper, and a large sofa that can be converted into a second double bed. A kitchenette with fridge, sink and hob are available as well as plenty of storage space, air conditioning, heater and satellite TV. Another highlight is the separate bathroom with a shower with stainless steel sink, a full toilet, as well as a sink and additional storage space. The living area and the cab are connected by a big opening.

The horses, - in this construction version with two possible spaces - are no less comfortably accommodated. Rear and side ramp for loading and unloading of the four-legged passengers, have safety fences and are covered with anti-slip rubber mats with embedded slip strips. Swiveling and padded Aluminium partitions- locked up and down - tow and keep the horses in the correct position. An electric fan and 2 skylights always provide fresh air in the horse area.

In another construction type called  "Compact Living", with a slightly smaller living compartment, the low curb weight of the Renault Trucks D Cab and the MB Fuso Canter Cab allows even up to three  spaces for horses.

The Renault Trucks D Cab 2m, convinces in both versions, with its 180-horsepower, fuel-efficient and low-emission Euro-6 engine. The high driving comfort for humans and animals is also supported by the pneumatic brake.

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Klaus Dickenherr 0049 -171 27 09 26


Mercedes Fuso Canter

MB Fuso with 3 horse stalls and a beautiful living area with Popout and separate bathroom. We are enthusiastic about this vehicle in all respects  from driving behavior to a perfect power supply with PV and 2 x 24 V lithium batteries!

With such a transporter you don't need an external connection, especially in good weather, even during day tournaments, to operate the air conditioning and all other electrical devices for several hours.

Fuso Professionell

Kompaktes, vollausgestattetes Wohnabteil mit manuellem Popout, außenliegender Sattelschrank und drei Stellplätze