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Racehorse 9 - truck for racehorses

With our truck for racehorses - Racehorse Special - we can offer another exclusive vehicle for high performance.The construction of this truck for 9 horses was developed for the requirements of the transport of exclusive racehorses.

There are three compartments with three horses on the truck. The animals are placed in the direction of travel. Infront of the horses there's a small room for the grooms. They are able to observe and if necessary calm down the horses.

Each horse has its stall protected by a partition, that is two metres high. A special safety system made of easy removeable stainless steal partitions is located infront of the horses.

These safety doors can be removed easily

  • when a horse jumps over it
  • when you want to convert the stalls
  • or remove the complete interior.

An interesting detail is the new, white, powder coated bite protection between the horses' heads:

It has a telescope system and you can place it displaced by 90 degrees between the partitions, eg. if you want to place only two horses in one compartment.

We installed at each ramp two loading walls - each two meters high - for the highest safety level during loading and unloading.

The partitions between the horses are also two meters high. They can be produced either with a solid wall down to the floor or with a PVC curtain. Just as you like it!

This construction can be installed on any chassis, of course also on a truck with three axles and / or a lift axle.

We are able to build this body also for three or six horses!!!

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