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Optimus - No Limits

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For this type of construction there are no limits! - We develop everything individually according to your wishes. Individuality is our strength

Materials, equipment, decorations, colors ... almost anything is possible.

Our Dickenherr POWER system is almost unique! Using a photovoltaic system, you generate your own consumption electricity and store it in 2 sufficiently sized lithium-ion batteries. This means that you are independent of an external power supply and can use all electrical devices from 12 to 230 volts when you are out and about!

A parking stop for a self-prepared cup of coffee, a warm pizza or a shower in the morning is possible anytime and anywhere! You won't even notice a power failure at the tournament, as the system automatically switches over to self-sufficiency within milliseconds. Our competent specialist advice gives you exactly the POWER you need! Living compartment fully equipped & nbsp;

The living area includes air conditioning and a comfortable seating area with a table. Direct view of the flat screen and opening to the driver's cab. The kitchenette is equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, hob and sink. The bathroom area with shower, toilet and washbasin is separate. The sleeping area is located above the bathing area and can be easily reached via an integrated staircase.

Horse area In the horse area the horses stand diagonally to the direction of travel. The horse area is monitored by cameras. The partition walls are padded and hung with PVC. The horses enter the transporter via the rear ramp and / or side ramp. Loading and unloading is made easier for you and your horses by the loading gates on the side. The ramp rubber with the step rails also offers your horses more safety. There is a large storage area for your blankets above the horses' croups.

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Your mobile home

functional, elegant design
in the living room and bathroom
vanity with wash bowl
large PopOut
high gloss furniturel
exclusive bathroom
Real leather cover
Model Exklusiv
großer Popout


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