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Our emergency vehicle for horses and other big animals

Our emergency truck is THE vehicle for veterinarians, clinics, racetrack owners, studfarms, zoos, etc., when it comes to the safe loading of injured horses or other large animals.

We can install the system on any chassis. We suggest a chassis with a long wheelbase, e.g. Citroen Jumper or Renault Master.

The truck has two ramps, so the injured animal can be loaded from both sides. You can drive the truck to perfect loading position of the patient. A big advantage here is also the low height of the ramp  of our approved 2-Ride Series.

On the truck the horse stands save and sturdily between two extra strong partitions.

These partitions are each divided into two parts. So you can already lock the upper dividing wall portions after loading the injured horse. The attending veterinarian is able to adjust the 3 individually adjustable straps, without being endangered by a possible kicking of the animal.

The most important elements of the emergency vehicle, however, are the two side profiles with three winches. So safety belts may be lashed under the injured animal to the optimum height and fixed.

The winches can be adjusted millimeter by millimeter, so the injured leg can be relieved as needed.

An automatic safety catch holds the animal immediately. A "turning back" to the winches but again millimeter by millimeter is possible, so that the animal can be slowly put weight on again more and more.

The complete system is removable and our ususal partition can be installed easily. So the truck can be used as a normal 2-Ride Horsetruck.

This emergency truck will be an essential vehicle for You!

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